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Qepos Takeaway Software solution for businesses to expand with each order.

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Qepos Takeaway Software

Cutting Edge Takeaway Software

We understand the stress that comes with running a busy takeaway, especially in these competitive times; having worked in hospitality for several years, we know exactly how you want the system to work, which is why we encourage you to call us on 01612056247 to see how we can assist you with the day-to-day operations of your takeaway.

This Qepos Takeaway Software is ideal for a any takeaway where you're accepting orders from both walk-in customers and those that call in. This software  can help with this by using our caller ID module with the Qepos Takeaway Software, which allows you to process orders with no effort!

Are you constantly being bombarded with orders by phone, email, and social media while still trying to satisfy the expectations of a long line of clients in the hustle and bustle of a busy takeaway? Why not invest in our 'intuitive' Qepos  Takeaway Software and substantially minimise the strain, staff time, and number of'misheard' delivery addresses and phone numbers? It automatically processes orders and customer details and passes them on effortlessly to your kitchen for a smooth, speedy turnaround.

How does Qepos Takeaway Software process your orders?

In three simple steps, you can manage your orders:

Take orders swiftly over the phone with caller ID and postcode lookup, online with our Online ordering solution, or over the counter.

When the order is received, our takeaway software sends it to the kitchen via the kitchen display unit or the kitchen printer.

You'll get a notification from the kitchen display unit as soon as the order is ready, allowing you to deliver food to your clients quickly.


Qepos Takeaway Software is intuitive and easy to use.With Qepos Takeaway Software's easy order management, you can process orders faster, service more customers, and streamline your takeaway.From a single screen, you can manage online, in-store, and phone orders quickly and efficiently.

When we install the software for you, we will assist you in adding your menu items, and hot keys enable one-click ordering.You may create your own customer database with Qepos Takeaway Software, which will allow you to view prior orders and duplicate orders, allowing you to execute marketing campaigns, promotions, and offers.


Qepos Takeaway Software includes full delivery and driver management.Increase the number of deliveries you process, reduce delivery wait times, and improve your customers' experience. On a single platform, a complete delivery hub is provided. You can manage all of your deliveries from Qepos Takeaway Software.

Drivers can be assigned to orders, and delivery timings and statuses can be managed. You may also get reports on how much money each driver took in the shift by cash, credit card, voucher, and so on, and this information is preserved for future study.


Qepos caller ID integration helps you take orders faster and avoid costly mistakes. Incorrectly capturing customer phone numbers can result in orders being lost.

When a customer phones, the system can verify if they are already in your database or if you need to add them, and if you do, it will automatically fill in their phone number to save you from having to type it in manually. You may identify your existing customers by using caller id.


Detailed Reporting and Accurate Billing

Our Restaurant POS software equipped with smart analytics that gives detailed reports and insights about your restaurant business.Considering the complexity of other charges to be levied, the online POS system will align your tasks of billing and receipt generation through smooth navigation.

Restaurant POS software supports multiple printers as the same time.Connect a printer to your device to print order ticket for customers, or send order tickets to your kitchen.










  • Central Menu Management
  • Fully integrated with major payment merchantst
  • Detailed Analytics and Accurate Billing
  • Unlimited Users Access
  • Caller ID and customer management
  • Smart menu and delivery management
  • On orders, you should never pay a commission or a fee
  • Send orders to the kitchen automatically
  • Prompt Technical Support


System Requiremets
  • Processor minimum:1.8GHz
  • RAM minimum: 1GB
  • HDD minimum : 60GB
  • Operating System: Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 10

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